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Don't feel like doing shit today

I'm worrying about my Dad. He has dementia. He's under the care of nurses now at a house down the road. Normal house. Worried sick about him. I heard a spirit claiming to be God say that God, him, would heal my Dad. I'm starting to see that my Dad isn't going to make it much longer, which infuriates me. When will my Dad be healed? Or is this spirit a demon? It's going to make me so mad when God doesn't love me like that. Why isn't God working more powerfully?

But yeah, I'm worried sick about my Dad. Yesterday he liked being in the wheelchair, however. I have to remember that the doctor and nurses helped my Dad by putting him in a wheelchair. My Dad wanted to be in a wheelchair. If evil comes from it, then it just has to happen. My Dad wants to sit in the dining room with all the scenery and sunlight.

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