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Didn't do what I wanted to do.

I was supposed to exercise at 2 pm. I didn't or haven't. I'm really getting lazy. But I can work my job. I'm training next week. I won't have a problem to begin with. I'm sharp, I can do any of the stuff they'd have me do. It's a matter of professionally working your job. I think I'm in a state of shock because of the mandate. Goto work & have money to pay for things. I didn't expect this to happen. My Dad got terribly sick and had to go to a retirement home. Now I have no money. My Dad was paying my way. So it's unfortunate. I have prepared. I've never seriously sought work before, though. I was working at Kohl's because I had no education or job experience.

But yeah, experiencing a bit of an eye of a storm. I'm in some rut I have to pull myself out of.

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