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Cooked the Tenderloins

I feel good. Something I'm testing. Is it 110% that a healthy diet will promote happiness? I'm not sure. I haven't eaten much in weeks. I told my Dad that I would just eat out of a can if he wasn't around. Well, I did a good job cooking. My Dad's portion is mine now. I can cook 2 servings on my frying pan. The second serving is for me now...and I'm all alone. About being alone, I'll never forget my Dad's retirement. He went crazy, and kind of stayed crazy during it, but my Dad and I had a blast. That dementia shit didn't ruin our good time. But yeah, so I was eating out of cans. I made 150 bucks today. That's 1-2 weeks' worth of groceries. I can afford to eat out or go grocery shopping this week as of right now. But yeah, I am about to start buying stuff like yogurt and cheese. Cheese is "precooked." So is yogurt. I probably won't be eating much. It's never been like me.

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