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Completing the Magic

I got two days of freedom. I really want to get these super-projects out of the way. They've been lying around here since August. I was trying to help my Dad. It was very disturbing how our alliance ended. (Our interaction or something like it). My Dad uses all his money for himself now. He lives somewhere else, and I'm not covered by it. He was acting crazy. He has a geriatric illness, remember? So August until now and sometime later in the future will be recovering from August of 2022. I spent 3 intense months trying to get my Dad better. It wasn't rewarded. Not my Dad's fault. He's sick. He couldn't help it. Anyway, these super-projects took 10-15-25 years to get this far. A lifetime's work. I plan on it being a centerpiece of my ministry. It is very powerful. The book series isn't that far. I'll get it done in a few years and be done with it. I mentioned the 500 5-Ws earlier last month. Those were supposed to be what was going on the last 5 months. But my Dad got sick. Because of the time that's allotted, I have a very precise book series being written. I have a number of principles that I don't want people to violate, like a police state. If I give everyone free food and they're all wasting it, then there is no enforcement besides having it taken away. I have a principle I call the "Free Trade Alliance." What if we bartered for everything? You worked 40 hours and now you get to have whatever you want. Within reason, of course. It'd work by free stores. A grocery store would have the rule that you only take what you need. There's slight enforcement to this. Being able to just go in and snatch anything you want is such a blessing I consider a slight enforcement permissible. But if everyone is abusing it then we don't get to keep it.

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