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Completing some history

I have these notebooks that date as far back as High School. I've kept them to one day write something meaningful and historic in them. My Playbook could be a notebook that I had when I was 15. One or two of them is still around. I have 3 Five Star notebooks on my desk, and they all date back to my teens. One of them to when I was 15. I have a total of 5 notebooks, and all of them date back to my teens. 15, 17, 18, and 19. It's pretty cool, I'm writing something super important, and the pages of the notebook are old. It makes handling it something like what you'd do with an old newspaper. It's old. 18 years old in one case. Well, now that I'm completing everything, I'm using these notebooks, and it is very gratifying. I knew I'd be able to do it. Write a decent book and educate yourself by it. I never expected to be super good at the Stock Market, but that's what I've accomplished. I will have complete power in my day. The World will revolve around me. You're dealing with the Pope or Roman Emperor or something. Supremely powerful. Nobody has had this kind of power for thousands of years. Edison controlled the World through invention, and so did Benjamin Franklin. Those are two people that didn't understand their power. I probably don't understand my power. I was thinking I could afford 12 thousand dollars a year for an individual to have healthcare with. It'd cost a hundred trillion dollars in ten years, but if I make a 100 quadrillion, I could pay for Healthcare for hundreds of years. It could work by me subsidizing the Insurance Companies. Everyone pays in, and everyone gets something out of it. Insurance works here now today by people paying ten grand a year to have it but not using that many services. Well, people would sustain the deal because it's set up to benefit the people and the insurance.

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