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Busy day

I went to Church, and now I'm about to see my Dad. I have 2 1/2 hours before I do that, though. I need to get some work done. I will at 2 this afternoon. I'm about to go prep for it. Probably just skim over my book. Do that for half an hour. It's extremely hard to read, it's densely populated with ideas. I was talking about that a long time ago. I used Grammarly and got a computer to help me write my book. I was bragging about what Grammarly and I have wrote, and I was thinking about posting it, but it needs work. It sounded kind of stupid. I'm willing to sound stupid if I can be the bigger man in the end. Not my pride, but my craftmanship. Will this book prove to be authentically and genuinely genius? That's what I think. I think I have an all-time best-seller here. Heck, it's a part of History. This was an explicit aim of mine. Understand what's going on and teach others what I've learned. I've just about achieved that. I wrote such loose yet genius things that I can get omniscient, seemingly. I really need money, though. Later tonight, I'll fill out a few applications. Only a few a day. I have to keep up with them. I've learned this in the past. You got two jobs calling you, and you can only take one because they're at the same time.

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