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Business as Usual

I'm legitimately working on stuff now. Probably had too much to do before. My Dad needed a lot of help. I don't want him gone, though, this is something I could have reached otherwise as well. But yeah, my Dad's gone, and I have nothing to do, so I'm working. Long hours, too. Good. Get it done. IWM is worth destroying the planet over. If Russia killed me or something, we should attack them. That would be like killing the President. Russia has committed acts of war before. Putin is terminally ill. Probably killed him for killing people. Stalin had support. Nobody liked Stalin except for really ideological communist people. Somehow he survived. Nobody liked Stalin. But yeah, that's what's been going on. We've been flushing people over acts of war. It's good, too, people do matter. What I mean, the Russians understand that. Russia and China aren't evil. China has never tried to invade anybody. They are socialist communists, however. People get flushed, and they just flushed Putin. What they thought about the war.

I don't like the importance in that light. It is unfortunate. If I don't do it, nobody will. It also means that I have to be very respectable. I got that down. I'm very respectable now. It used to be a problem with racism. Everything I'd say would be racist. Well, racism is like that. People may not even be trying to be racist, and then they're racist. It is unfortunate.

I got communications down, though. I'm starting to get tricky with these commas. A comma separates a clause. I see what they're doing, they want you to talk in a certain way. You can't read books and learn grammar. A lot of books are illiterate, and there's no one controlling them.

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