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I feel pretty good, but I've been having these discrepancies. "Boring." Being bored is either idolatry or coveting. I forget. I'll have to rediscover it. I do need to shape what takes place in my mind. What I'm going to do in the end is just frequently do things, but not too frequently. A shower twice a week will do, for example. You can get a bit stinky, it's human. If you're going somewhere, you probably want to take a shower and an extra shower (3 a week). But if I'm just sitting at home, I'll wake up and take a shower sometime earlier in the day every 3rd morning. I wake up at 10 am, and take a shower at 4 pm. Just taking it sometime during the day will do. It is preferable to do it earlier, however.

This is something I'm learning. In the end, you just try to do stuff. A shower a day costs quite a bit of time. You may not have time for it. Why are you having sex every day? Sex takes a long time. I use to watch porn for about an hour and a half a day. Did that for ten years. Well, some people screw all day long. It's not even a joke, it's one of those kinds of people that are out there. Yeah, have sex 5x a day, and it adds up to about 3-4 hours. I might do that. I'm a sex fiend like everyone else, I just use the no man's land. I'm neither sexual nor active. I do it in private, it's my business.

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