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Bored anymore

Woke up at 9 am and immediately became bored. I try to overcome being bored. There's a lot going on, and it's all good. I know I'm tired of pornography. That's because I don't have any women I want to see have sex. Before, I tried to find a redhead that looks like Julianna, but Julianna is a married woman, and I don't want to see her have sex anymore because of that. So I have nothing arousing anymore. It's been 3-4 days. Well, this is why I said I'd have sex. My sexual appetite is about to soar higher. Pornography won't necessarily be good enough. You need to have encounters with women and for them to be the source of your object of attraction and affection.

But yeah, I'm an Infinite Wealth Minister. I sit around and tweak myself like this all day. It has come in handy. My Dad got dementia, and I had to take care of him for 4 years. It was hard, but I made it look easy. Well, that was all I.W.M. training. I'm really glad I did it, my Dad got to live well for 4 years because I was helping him. That is sacred. That's the gift of life. God upholds and defends it like none other. But yeah, I'll sit around and tweak myself until everything is completed. Then I'll probably tweak myself some more.

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