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My Dad was asleep. I figured out that I had to have a serious conversation with him. He is still capable, I think. It's imperative that he adjusts to his new home. I'll try twice tomorrow if I have to. Other than that, I have to check my job's feed. Time is moving along quickly.

Checked my job's feed. I got another lead. I have a few leads right now. But yeah, start in 2 weeks. I want a little time to help my Dad. Starting in 2 weeks is normal. I'll just ask them. A lot of applications so far, but no jobs. I forgot to apply for jobs today. I guess I did a little. I applied for 3 or 4. That's what I'm looking to do. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to handle these hiring advents and shit.

Ah, okay, I got an interview. Things are moving along. Yeah, I got to take care of these responsibilities. I have to feel well enough to work, work, get a job, go to the interviews, etc., and help my Dad. The job will secure my need for money (and God knows how important money is), and getting my Dad into his new home will mean he has a life. My Dad started to depend on me for helping him out. I'm the only one that can or will do it. So I have to do it.

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