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Basic morning

All except that I have some time off. I'm doing the Stock Market right now, so I'm technically still working. Get some stuff done. I've been very busy, active, and productive. It's so much. I mean, just do it? Jesus suggested that. Jesus said that the hypocrites "sound the trumpet." I do quite a bit of trumpeting. But the flip side is that anyone who "offers a glass of cold water to a little one...shall not lose their reward." It is better if I plan this. I can start a peaceful revolution. That's what I'm planning on. Turning this world in the other direction. I won't disturb natural human progression, either. If anything, I'll just help with that. It is a big scare, I'm usurping all this power over the World, and I'm somewhat 'all-powerful.' I think it'll be good. Give us a few hundred years of nourishment. Afterward, we can deal with the problems again. Instead of being industrious people, we'll be happy. Well, that will take care of a need we have. Civil and peaceful society. Society isn't really peaceful right now. As I said, even though we have achieved the highest degree of civil humanity that has ever been reached in America and also some places elsewhere; the money will be good. It'll make people happier. We don't get the chance to be happy in this world. I don't think I'll be too much of a menace for the natural progression of mankind at all.

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