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Another ten years of authoring.

It takes me about a year to write a book, and I have 5 editions so far. They're largely completed, but now I have to put the meat on the bones. I came up with a comprehensive series. I talk about everything I'm capable of talking about.

But yeah, back in 2018, I said I "didn't want another decade-long endeavor." Well, that's what I got. I'm starting to learn that everything is going to be normal until 50-55-60. I may have billions of dollars, but Infinite Wealth Ministries needs at least 8 trillion in capitol. Nobody has ever done that before.

This is very hard work. I have to do certain things. I was just talking about Christianity having a complete takeover of the human species. Christians are people you can trust to do the right thing. I could destroy the planet if I did or said something wrong. People are going to look for me for thousands of years. "What did Philip Taylor think?" I'm a Christian and I'm using Christianity. Christianity is peaceful. We fight wars but they aren't really our fault. We get hijacked. Like with WW2. Hitler made the Germans do what he wanted by military force. Hitler killed Saints. Hitler was not a Christian.

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