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And it's bed time. This is already getting to me

I think it always has. You wake up, and 16 hours later, you're sleeping. It restarts the day, but I don't like that. I didn't want this religious responsibility. Not really. I don't think anyone truly wants it. They want Dad to leave them an inheritance. It is crazy. You have the system, and if you have money, you're free of the system. In fact, the system works for you.

This is hard for me. Many people have told me that it's this hard for everyone. They don't have the option, though.

I.W.M., done for personal profit, is a glass of ice-cold water after being lost in the desert. It's really hard to turn down.

Yeah, I transformed into a new man by realizing marijuana was legal. I went and bought some, and it transformed me. I'm thinking about how long I'll be this stressed for, and the answer is my entire life.

Okay. I know what this means. This means I won't be able to do it or do it right without acknowledging that this is too much for me. It is too much. This is too much for anyone. Keeping people working is good, though. That's the peace in our modern world. You get a job and you live a peaceful life.

Yeah right, so I'm going to fail. I know this now. I have to counter it. It'll fail because I have money and I don't want to work any more. I have steps that I can take. I still haven't trained myself. Even if I have I could do it again. But yeah, I don't have to work. I'm working for religious reasons. The reason why this fails is because I just want profit. Aka money. I know this now. I can see it coming from a mile away, I am sick and tired of this "I.W.M. ****."

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