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"America!" I realized America actually has a very good system for certain disabilities. My Dad gets to stay in a group home. That's actually the best thing that could happen. All I could do is buy my Dad a house (and one that I can afford. Even I worry about money) and hire a nursing team to care for him. The nursing team would cost about 250 thousand a year. That's not including property taxes, utilities, food, and other stuff like it. Probably bump it up to a solid 250k-a-year price tag. That means 2.5 million dollars in ten years. That's expensive. I'm not going to have a hundred million for another decade, most likely. It takes money to earn money. Once you have the money, you can make all the money in the World. That is if you can successfully predict the outcome. If you can successfully predict the outcome, you still need "Capitol." Capitol means money used for investing. Everyone knows you need money to make money. I haven't been unaware. I just had my expectations too high in how quickly or speedily it took to become rich.

But yeah, my Dad will be getting the care that exceeds the standard of the day. I'm schizophrenic. That means I enter a different reality and act badly because of it. Most of the time, I have a normal mind. You can't stick me in a group home unless I choose to stay. Homelessness & Schizophrenia are synonymous. But my Dad isn't able to make decisions for himself, and he understands that. Everyone who can't make decisions for themselves also doesn't. There are some cases otherwise, but they're different than what I'm illustrating. Assisted Living Homes exceed the sophistication of the day. There's no better place to die than in America. Which is good. It matters to God how you die. You have a dream that's the symbology of your death, and when you die painfully, you have a bad dream. It means something to God. It just does. I'm not really so worried about Hell, but because it's an aspect, I do worry a little. That's my point. You were an offense to God, die tragically, and then were sent to Hell. God says that we will obey or perish, and some of the time, he's going to mean business. In a way, he's going to mean it every time. God is divine, and his judgments are just.

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