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Ah, man. It's cold, it's 76 degrees in here

I like it to be 80 degrees, personally. But I better conserve the 150 bucks it costs. I have to get a job. Jobs will take a couple of months. Then I don't even know if I'll be working there after 6 months. I should have some investing going on while all of this is taking place. Maybe I can make enough to retire. Isn't really the plan, the plan has changed. I don't have investment money. My sister offered to loan it to me, but she doesn't want to do options. So we're going to have to figure out how to make this work still.

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Smoking a cigar thinking

I have to complete my calculations. I'm not going to let it be difficult. Really peaceful. I'm about to achieve what I've worked on for 16 years. I've done it flawlessly. I get to rest now.

Looking for something to talk about.

I know if I complete my website, I'd benefit very much. I like to talk, too. I've recently lost the happiness of talking rhetorically. I've gained rest for my soul. I will never struggle again. I don'


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