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Ah, man! I just slayed it!

Working with my material. I'm proud, you shouldn't be calling me stupid. If you think I'm stupid, then you're stupid. You're one of those people that aren't self-aware. It's actually understandable. You have to research what I'm saying. What I'm saying is perfectly true. It's beyond what anyone else is doing right now, though. This is something that I came up with. I come up with really wild shit. I was talking on Facebook about how I wanted to nuke us to kingdom come to bring about the 2nd Coming of Christ and end sin and evil in the World. That's as dope as you can get as a Christian teen. Anyway, I'm proud of my material. I just slayed it. I asked myself, 'what of knowledge?' Well, I knew what context it was in, so I started talking about how we can never force people to do things because it has to be done by free will. That's the key to education. Enlightenment by understanding. I'm going to have a smoke and then get back to it. This is difficult, but this is really good. This is everything I need to write a New York Time's best seller.

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