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Completing this Playbook as the first of its kind. It's a bit short. It almost fills every page. I don't know how many pages there are in total, but I just reviewed 21 of them. I completed the Review, and now I move on to copying and rewording my notes. After that, I do another review, and after that, I input the data. Once I input the data, I'm going to have at least a month's worth of work to do. Chances are it'll be a month. This is getting done to no surprise. Economics is my strongest suit. I haven't been worried about doing the Stock Market much in the way of economics. I've been focusing on being what people need to be. A Leader. I know we have to assemble, and I'm going to try and make that happen. An example is that the Democrats may be the Devil, but they're our brothers. I think by the time I.W.M. is going on, the Democrats will be a different party. The Republicans themselves needed change. I'm voting for Trump, he's running in '24. I remember we were a crumbling laughingstock and Ted Cruz said that we needed outsourcing so that things could be cheaper! Hey Ted Cruz! There aren't any fucking jobs in America anymore because of that outsourcing shit! Trump was a messiah. Like me. Trump will be lost in history, though. I get a lot of distinguishment for doing what I'm going to do. People will always teach about me in the history books. I was a civil rights leader. How am I a civil rights leader, you ask? I'm going to start "Human Rights." It's a big goal of mine. God showed it to me in my relapse. Somebody said "and now Trump has become the Anti Christ (After Collusion)," and then Trump came on stage looking weird, and he said "this has happened because you all have no respect for human rights!" and then his head started to spin around and so did his torso, and then he left the stage. It's true, we need human rights. That's a clue in how I achieve what I want to achieve. I want to change the World for hundreds of years and eventually make it a better place. Children shouldn't be going hungry. It should be a law that hungry children are fed. We can't do that, though, because there's no means to produce the food and get it to them. For one instance, it costs too much money. I'm going to make it so that people tell the government not to give their kids any more food because they're fat and wasteful. Why? I remember being hungry as a teen. It would have been heaven if someone gave me 10 cans of beef a month. Seriously, those boxes of food we give poor people are respectable. My Dad and I are giving to poor Jews in Ukraine. You know those commercials. Those boxes are the shit, all of this free stuff seems lousy at first, but man, it's actually the shit. Yes, I am creating a fund for foodbank and other free food providers.

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