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About to go to work.

But I know what's wrong here. I took a cool shower yesterday and revived my muscles, but now I'm about to walk out the door, and I'm just dead tired. This is difficult. It requires a lot of energy.

It requires a lot of stuff that I don't have. I've never done this before. Not at something significant. Go back to school and enter a study arena that's unmatched by anything I've done before. I did not believe in an education. I've never studied and I've never worked a substantial job.

But yeah, I took off yesterday because I was too sore. Now today, I'm dead tired. I haven't gotten much sleep since before I started working. I hate doing this type of shit. It's my arch-nemesis. It is unrealistic, though. I didn't know how to make things work. I didn't think working every day was my thing. Well, working every day is everybody's thing. It's an adult school but not higher education. Perform the service and get prospered. It isn't so bad.

I did go to school. I was tired all the time. That's what's happening now. More rest? I don't think I have time for rest. This is crazy, what a debacle.

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