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About to go to a job interview

I'm clean and my clothes are clean. Might snag a job. I have to wake up faster because I feel like shit. There is no way to wake up faster. You figure I have to be out the door by 1:30 pm. I'm day shift. I can handle the day shift. That means that I'm pretty healthy. A lot of people don't want the day shift. They want to get into work and get out as soon as possible. A ton of people want to do that. You know, work in the morning and have some of the afternoon off and the evening off. I want to have a few hours after I wake up, and I want a few hours before I go to sleep. To me it gives me some time to myself.

Ah! Okay! I know what I need to do. I need to enjoy the next 45 minutes I get. Today is an earlier day than usual. But the principle is the same. Relish your time off.

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