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About to go do a few things.

I'll think I'll pick up an eighth of marijuana. It's been 2 weeks. 2 weeks or longer. Smoke a lot, sober a lot. I've figured it out. You do an eighth every 2 weeks for marijuana for 6 months, and then you smoke for 3-4 months. That way, you're sober for 160 days. An eighth will last 2 days. You figure that's about 80 days out of 360. Sober for 220 days. But yeah, it's hard to understand. It's all about valuing your tolerance. I have a perfect tolerance. After 2 weeks, a joint will have me sky-high on cloud nine. Only once or twice, though. But yeah, the effect diminishes quickly. I absolutely love that high. When I started marijuana back up, I knew there had to be limits. I've found those limits very easily. Marijuana is not addictive.

Have to be ready for the Stock Market tonight. That's what I'm doing. I have to work quite a bit. You work really hard. It's slavery. I have to work a job for a couple of years or more for the money. Every last bit counts. I am working for money. Investing/job, the same thing almost. You have to work super hard. If you have money, you're just privileged to fail more. Everybody has to work super hard. Oh, it's slavery. This is God's fault. He says we're not to have a problem with it.

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