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Long days. I'm pretty tired. I've been pretty busy. I just spent 8 hours on Indeed. You figure then interview times and job management, and I've been busy for about 16 hours. 2 work days. That's not bad for job hunting. Job hunting takes a lot of preparation and readiness. Then you figure the time I've been spending with my Dad. That's 2 hours a day. I'm going over to his new home to make sure he's okay. Chances are he is. Give them the benefit of the doubt. I guess I just learned something. Give them the benefit of the doubt. For example, if he hasn't eaten and the nurse says he hasn't eaten, it's because he hasn't eaten. Simply, my Dad didn't want any food. But then I guess you do that and they're lying, then my Dad gets screwed. I guess at the end of the day if he isn't eating and they aren't taking care of him, we need more professional help.

I've been pretty busy doing things I have to do. Recently everything I've had to do has left me pretty busy. I'm tired, I want to rest. I have an interview any time today, and I'm about to leave to go to that. After that, I'll check in on my Dad. Then my day is free. Man! But one thing I realize is that I'm going to have to still turn up my energy. God works us like slaves. "Thorns and Thistles." God said life was supposed to be hard in this creation. He willed this creation. God wills disease and evil? The way the Catholics explained it is that God created us to seek after him. So a sick child still has a lot to live for. It was chance that you were sick in an omnipotent fashion, and God destined it in an omnipotent fashion. God is using his omnipotence to influence life on Earth. I both chose my fate and had God give me a destiny. Both in omnipotent fashions.

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