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About to get a good job

Jobs are something that you get. I think there's a mechanism that puts people in line for jobs. I've made about 15 applications. That's only 15 applications. I think I can get a decent job. This can go on for another couple of months and probably will. It's the weekend right now, I'm not applying on the weekend. Well, hell, maybe I will. I got sent a job test today. So the hiring manager was working even though it's Saturday. But yeah, it'd be stupid to apply on Sunday. I'm thinking about it, it's just stupid. It'd probably work, but you do want a good employer. An employer that's handling work on Sunday isn't one I'm attracted to. Sunday is the Sabbath, it's very well understood. Even after 70 years, people don't usually go out on Sunday. So not Sunday, I guess. I'll apply for jobs Mon-Sat. Just not on Sunday. I have done a little bit of job searching today. Because it's almost closing time, I won't do anything.

I will get a job, though, and a good one. I'm excited. "Substantial employment." I already know what it's like to be middle-class because of my Dad, but work for the money and see what you think. Well, that's genius. I was lucky to be middle-class before I was working. I now know that 30 thousand is decent money. That's the start of actually having something. Poverty is 29,999.99 or anything lower. 30 thousand is middle-class, and it's apparent why. My Dad makes about 60 thousand a year. I don't want to get into his or my finances, but 30 thousand is about what it costs to stay in business. You need more money for savings. House repair, car repair, and large purchases. I know cable is expensive as hell. It costs like 25 hundred dollars a year. That's about all I spend every year besides responsibilities.

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