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I had to explain my mental illness a lot. I had to articulate it. I knew it was bad. Schizophrenia means that you become insane. "Insane" means unable to distinguish right from wrong. You become unable to distinguish right from wrong. So anything can happen. It's hard for people to understand. There are 3 or 4 ways to get away with murder. 'Not Guilty by Reasons of Insanity' or 'NGRI' is one. Means you're mentally ill, and your mental illness made you kill someone for a stupid reason. A reason like apocalyptic demons coming to eat your soul. NGRI is rare. Mentally Ill people are safe. That NGRI shit is no joke, though, you wouldn't think mental illness was peaceful if you had one. That's the nature of the disease. Dad is trying to kill you, nothing happens to Dad, you're hospitalized and make a full recovery. Very rarely does anybody got seriously hurt. It's why I'm still on the outside. I thought I was supposed to be a part of an underground against any military force that threatened me. It was an underground against an extraterrestrial communist invasion. It was crazy, and I meant business. Doesn't matter if you mean business or not, it doesn't happen.

Everything is at a fulfillment, though. I'm learning how to manage my time now. I'm free now, but I can understand the gist of it. I have to work 4 days a week soon. I won't have much time to get anything done. I cut my time in half, more or less. Get 3x less done.

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