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I just worked for 2 days. I'm sore. I tried smoking some marijuana and that took care of the soreness. There isn't much going on. I take this week and next and allocate them to my job, and then after that, I have to get with it. I have a lot to do. I know if I did some cleaning tomorrow, it'd be wise. Infinite Wealth Ministries, here we come. I can survive now that I have a job. Well, back in 2021, in October, I woke up and went straight to work. I have to recreate that.

So things are filled in better now. I know I've promised stock market results to people in February or no later than my Dad's birthday in March. March 22nd. I have to get going on that. Next week is my first official week.

Work, invest, live ideal, and be happy. I'm not trying to be broke but I am glad I live normally. I know how to help people that need help. I mean, this guy thought he was a supervisor and he told me to stop standing around. I don't stand around. But I was leaving and I saw the guy, and he was standing around! Man am I glad I don't have that problem. I know I do have to get some new boots. Made my job excruciatingly difficult. I mean, it's a mature job. Granted the needs of having the job, like mandatory overtime, land me around 40-50 thousand a year. I can actually live! Praise God! Amen!

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