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Okay. I'm out of energy. I don't know how long I just spent 3-4-5 hours. That was exhausting, but I got more done than usual. I've gotten really good at writing. It makes my job a piece of cake. Zero arthritis. Usually, I have arthritis. Well, having come even further than we just were a couple of days ago, I just wrote for about an hour or two, and there was no difficulty. That's good to know. I could get to writing for my business. I'm not really a business, but I will have a business. I'm an investor. Sometimes investors have a business to help them invest. I could mass-produce handwritten orders, which would really be a feat. My communication needs to be clear. Chances are I'd write, type, and talk perfectly. Which is really good. I have a very hard job, I'm starting to live up to it. I was thinking I could just make the grocery store free, and it wouldn't even cost me that much money. Grocery stores and restaurants. What else? A lot of stuff. I decided against it before, but I shared with you my "Free Trade Agreement." Go to the business, take what you want, and leave. I'll pay for it. Waste is the problem, however. If you waste, you're enforced by the police. Nobody will waste anything. Except for a jailbird. I'm thinking of a system that this can work under. Retain a farmer for a million dollars. That's the problem. That's why I've ruled against the FTA before. We're socializing our food, we're not going to be able to eat. You know what happens when they socialize stuff. They fall to pieces. It might work. It would improve the quality of life for everyone. I still don't know if I'd do it. I'm going to write about it.

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