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My Dad was not treated right. People are freaking out, not by me but by his new case worker. Upsetting. It really upset my sister too. I think we're all upset now. Yeah, good. That's my Dad. I'm used to having to rough it out, but my Dad shouldn't have to. That's what they said. They said bullshit because they gave him inhumane treatment. He was on the floor for a few hours, falling out of bed, and he was left alone along with everyone else for twenty minutes.

People got upset.

Okay, good. Let's get my Dad the care he needs.

But yeah, this will upset me until I get some reassurance from someone that everything has been taken care of. Off to surviving. I have to focus on feeling good as opposed to feeling bad. I don't even know if I'll visit my Dad today. I guess after I visit my Dad, I'll have answers.

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