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I have to go to work in an hour and a half. Work isn't too hard, but it does make you work for it. I got the weekend off for now. When I'm a more accredited worker, I'll be working weekends sometimes. But for now, it's easier. The job comes with a lot of overtime. This will be a time-consuming job. I work 40 hours. I've never worked 40 hours before. Back at Kohl's, I thought I was working 40 hours, but I wasn't. That was a blunder. I'm rarely wrong. But at Kohls, I said 8x4=40. 8x4=32. 32 hours, part-time.

So yeah, a lot of work. My Dad used to work 12-hour days. I guess that way, he got 3 days off. Probably about to follow the example. You figure it's a 13-hour day more so. You get 1 1/2 hours to get going and 1 1/2 hours to cool down. I'm going to go write about it. My life is consumed by work now. I don't mind. The weekdays are some work, but I also get an equal amount of time to play. It's just something you got to do. God didn't create us to spend time with our family. He created us to have to do a bunch of business first-thing. I was hearing one guy talk. He said he needed some time for his kids. I bet you he's the parent that has all the money. Dad works a lot, but he has some money. That's how I grew up. My Mom never had money. I don't plan on having a family or working a job forever, but that's something a divorcee should consider. The man has all the extra money. You go without the man, and you go without the money. Some women make good money, yes. I'd say the same twice. Why? It's a nuclear family. Men are allowed to be housekeepers. I know Julianna makes 25 dollars an hour or something. She makes about twice as me. But if Julianna and I were together, there'd be no kids, and we'd want money. She makes 30 dollars an hour, and I make 18. 18 dollars an hour adds up quickly. Just a little profession of the Faith. Stay married. You go without the money then you go without seeing your kids.

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