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It's late. I won't be sleeping until around five this morning. Staying up into the morning, oh boy. Wake up at around two in the afternoon, probably. I saw what happened. I got 11 hours of sleep, and it was too much sleep. I'm starting more advanced thinking like this. I notice from the way you write or type that they want to sound in a certain way. I can do that. Clearly communicate myself. Ah, man, no way! I started out with the Huckleberry Fin talk, which is the most complicated. I probably did make the choice. Dice up words first and then say it perfectly. I mean, where am I finding all the time to do this shit? What am I? About to school for the next twenty years? I wasn't. I was going to figure things out once I got out of school. Otherwise, we're tweaking the sleep pattern into perfection. My problem now is that I need to control my sleep. People just sleep, they don't think anything of it. That's how Isam was. That's how my Dad was, Brother, Sister, Aunt, etc. Everybody is sleeping well. Well, I can't do that. I'm about to be able, however. This is a 99% completion of responsible sleep. I mean, if you sleep for 12 hours, how do you do anything? You have 2 hours to get to work and 2 hours to get to sleep. You won't even be able to go to sleep, you need to wake your ass up. But we're about done with that. Sleep mastery, yes. From now on, every medication will cause me to sleep at night. 3-5 hours after it's taken.

That really is big business. I've been tweaking my sleep my entire life. I got good at it when I was 26. At 26, I'd sleep for 4 hours and be up for 16 or 20. When you only sleep 4 hours, you can sleep whenever you want. I need more than 4 hours anymore. But yeah, this is big business. Routine sleep, aka Sleep Pattern. I've been working on this for 27 years. It's virtually done. Just a few more months.

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