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Okay. I got to feeling good. I've been feeling poorly these last few days. From December 20th until January 2nd, around, I was blissful. Well, I've retained the willpower. I have the willpower to make another ten-fifteen years of life happen. That's good. But now I need to stay in my right mind and love life. You don't love life if you genuinely feel bad. People tell me that they feel poorly, but they still love life. There's something about that. I have never loved life. It's not in my genetics. I need to feel good in order to love life. My Dad and Brother love life. I got a really badass gene. These Taylors are badass. We've been pretty badass, too, from what we can remember. My Great Grandfather drove a Rolls Royce. He had plenty of money, he was an accountant for a company somewhere. But he was driving a Rolls Royce, he must have been pretty rich. The Great Depression didn't affect my Great Grandfather because he was so accredited. Anyway, I have the Stack schizophrenia gene, and then I have the Taylor gene. Taylors are some white men, you know they do well. If they didn't, the King put them in the stockade. They learned their lesson. Thinking about how my Dad took care of me, and my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were rich, it really shows you that my God, my people, and my ancestors deserve what they have. I mean, I'm about to do Infinite Wealth Ministries. We just take it for granted in this woke liberal country. Like whites owe you shit! Bitch please, it's because we're in America that we owe you something.

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