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Mostly bugged out. I just got sick. I've been sick for the past week. Me feeling crazy was this bug. Remember that happened about 7 days ago. That's a sign that you're about to get sick. When you "don't feel well." I learned that from Trump. All Trump has ever known is being fortunate. He caught on to that one after a while. Trump is 73, probably took him until he was 40 to learn that. Being young is hard. Maybe someone taught him when he was my age or around. I learned it from Trump. If you wake up and it isn't a good day, then it probably means that you're sick. There is a vice to that. You may need nourishment. I know having enough to eat is a miracle when it comes to happiness. You see all of these fat people, and it's because they overeat. Food is a drug that will get you high off life. I was just sober for 6 years. I was feeling good off of food, caffeine, and tobacco. The caffeine and tobacco have to go according to the sober doctrine we have as Christians. It's good that we have these substances. The first 40-50 years of your life should be about consuming these substances. You have to quit, though. I think they should make people quit by force. It is unhealthy in old age. I drink 2 two liters a day. That's right, 2 two liters. When I'm 60, that's just going to kill me. Ask a 70-year-old, and they'll say it's common sense. You can't abuse substances like that when you're old. Your body isn't strong enough anymore.

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