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I don't know what I'm supposed to do. There's the factor of sustainability. At 2 pm today I'll look over it. It may be an easy day. It depends on whether the writings need meditation or perfection. If it takes meditation, it'll be an easy day. I have to wrap my mind around this stuff, and after reading a little bit or doing it a little bit, I'll be finished for the day. I'll do that at 2 pm. It'll only take a couple of weeks. Somewhat idle, yes, but it'll pan out in the end. Besides that, I won't be filling out applications until tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, on Tuesday. So Wednesday I'll be back in action with applications.

You do have to be careful when looking for a job. They give you an offer, and you have to treat it as though it were holy. Miss the interview and miss out on the job. Likewise, I'm only applying a couple of times a day. It's going to take me about a month to find a job, I think.

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