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10 years to do the Stock Market?

It's true. You have to really plan it. You need to work on a budget. You aren't living in the real world living lavishly. I've had a divine instruction. I've made all of my own choices, but God has helped me. God is capable of requiring free will and heavenly intercession. Plus, whatever judgments might be at work, like morals or ethics.

I was meditating, God indicated that he doesn't interfere with Free Will. We make all of our own decisions. That's why people go to Hell. But yeah, I made 10 grand a year, and my Dad made 25, roughly. We were making it. There were no jobs, it was the recession. They say Millennials don't have jobs, well, there haven't been jobs in decades. I survived the Recession because of my Dad. I would have been a slave for 15 years if I didn't have my Dad. Or longer. I guess I could have finally have gotten a good job around this time. That's a joke. 15 years of 7.85 and 10 dollars an hour? That's a joke. Anyway, I'm about to come out on top. I know that's what Republicans want. They want a strong family. 90% of the time family resolves the matter. Or more. Maybe slightly less. People aren't thinking about it. When your loved one faces a disability, they're usually taken care of. My Dad took care of me 20 years ago or whatever. That was the greatest challenge. We had to establish the psychiatric treatment. There again, my Dad was the critical factor in sustaining my medication. He helped me get back on my medication before. After he first advocated putting me on it.

I've studied my life with my Dad. I became very angry with him, but after a while, the anger subsided. My Dad treated me just a little worse than I treated him. I treated him substantially better, but he was my Dad. 5 years ago, I was telling my Dad to stop treating me like I'm a little kid. He was, he was treating me like a kid. I understand, actually. That went on for about a year, but it was because he was so used to me being a kid. I grew up, my Dad learned that. That isn't really something to get upset about. He took care of me since I was 1 year old, I was just his baby.

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