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All of these studies are 1 page. I've got things down to a science. I'm about to fill in that stress portion of what I was writing. 1 page. I could one page my entire book. In fact, I think I will. I could 1 page the entire final draft...I guess I already planned to do that. I planned to do it by hand. Doing it by hand is advantageous because I get more time to think about what to write, and it's in a writing format. I'm using the Computer to be more efficient. In the end, I will. I will both write and type the single pages. It'll take some work, though. That book turned into another ten-year endeavor.

I was just talking out loud, and I was talking about how exhausted I am. I could handle more, but what is this? A torture chamber? I don't really know if I could handle more, quite frankly. I was talking about it yesterday, too. I know why, ' I.W.M.,' and it's because I don't want to do it. I'm human, Sainthood isn't my nature. I'm naturally corrupt, and I have to give the stars and moons to God. Well, I don't want to. Nobody does. It's something that I have to anticipate.

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