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I tire. This is all I could do today.

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A basic organization. Three of my most esteemed works. I can't perfect them because they'd need to be in a book. I haven't composed an articulated final copy.


Okay. I'm going to give more back to the World. I am trying to centralize things, but I don't know how successful everything will be, so this is all free.


I'm thinking this is going to be scuffed at. Hopefully, it isn't. It's a taxonomy from the most brilliant economic mind on the planet. It may come off as silly, but if it's done in the right way it's revolutionary.


This is your Project description. Whether your work is based on text, images, videos or a different medium, providing a brief summary will help visitors understand the context and background. Then use the media section to showcase your project!

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Industry & Manufacturing:

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, & Freight.

Resources always have to be farmed or extracted. Farming, excavation, & processing.

Then Energy & Infrastructure.

Moreover there's our electricity, motorization, broadcast by signaling, mechanization, & metallurgy.

We will always need food, lumber, steel, stones, clothe, & hospice. 

The Trust:

An Estate, Deed, or Entitlement.

The Central Bank.



Legislation & Representation.

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Mortgage/Rent/Property Taxes

Utilities, Clothing, & Food.

Furnishings, Luxories, & Bills.

Reality: Everyone needs to know how to clean. Everyone needs to know how to cook. Everyone has to exercise. Everyone has to study. Everyone has to work. Everyone has to have a routine.

Finances: Wages, Salary, Income, & Profit. 

Bank, Savings, Credit, & positive or negative interest.

Your credit debt should always be beneath your passive income. Or your savings should exceed your debt.

Push-ups, sit-ups, & squats. 2 hours a day, three days a week. Controlled exercises. Stretches. Nutrients, fat, & calories. Get your protein from milk.

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The 1st

Planning on paying my bills by stock profit. Never done that before. I was dealing with various tragedies all at once. My Dad terrorized...

Smoking a cigar

I can't use my Facebook anymore. Just relaxing. I mean, what happened is these girls that I liked at one point in my life started staking...

Thinking about Jesus

So many people have failed me. Like my father. They have to go to Hell. Think about all the people in your life, & they've failed you....

Lonely Thanksgiving

Don't want to celebrate it this year. I'm doing very good today. Yesterday, I had a cup of coffee, & I was able to get the sheer horror...

Bittersweet victory.

Fought my entire life to do I.W.M. I don't even know if I want to do it anymore. God has put me through so much it's unbelievable. I won...

Play a sad song.

I might tell you about the evils that happened to me. They're my life, they're all I know. It was an epic battle, however, one that...

Talking as usual

The Battle of Infinite Wealth was as difficult as it could have been. I faced impossible odds. Logically, however, everything worked out....

Hello. I'm back.

Decided to post something. I've been working on resolving these complicated flaws. I needed control, so I decided to start a...


My Dad's retirement money was the shit. No-risk investment. My Dad retired and got everything he paid for while he was working. I'm...

Got a job so far

One that I can do, too. Working at a restaurant. I can see how Julianna & Robin were making out as being a waitress. Everyone in the...

This will be a feat.

I plan on getting an education too. I mean, I was a wizard shit kid. I wasn't able to find a value for school in the 1st grade and in the...

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Greetings and salutations. I'm getting serious about doing I.W.M. What's IWM? "Infinite Wealth Ministries." I'm going to make a seemingly endless amount of money. More than 999 trillion. Way more. So I'm preparing to launch the first run of it. I'm omnipotent at investing. I'm talking about such things because I have the mathematical formula that automates trade on the stock market and is pinpoint accurate because of its science.

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